The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students is excited to unveil the latest evolution of its
signature leadership initiative, TORCH: The Academy of Politics. As a cornerstone program for aspiring
political leaders and campaign professionals, TORCH marks a significant step forward in empowering the
next wave of community leadership. Applications for this transformative program are now being accepted
through February 22, 2024.
TORCH is a comprehensive, seven-month program designed to forge the future of political leadership
within our community. Offered tuition-free, it welcomes community members poised for roles in elected
office or campaign support. The program aims to cultivate a diverse group of civically engaged leaders
equipped to navigate and influence the political landscape of Baton Rouge.
Participants will embark on a rigorous journey, gaining expertise in critical areas of political campaigning,
including messaging, grassroots strategies, fundraising, financial management, and the latest in data and
technology tactics. An assembly of seasoned experts will guide monthly sessions, imparting wisdom and
best practices gleaned from years of successful campaigning.
The Baton Rouge Alliance for Students Action invites interested individuals to seize this unique
opportunity to shape their political futures and, by extension, the future of Baton Rouge. For more
information on the program and to submit your application, please visit Join us in
igniting the torch of leadership and service in Baton Rouge.

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