Tomorrow, the EBR School Board will choose the next leader of our community’s public education system. Leadership of the district has been a matter of tension and division since this board took office in January of last year. Tomorrow, it’s time to set a new tone. 

No matter which candidate is elected to the position, we encourage school board members, parents, educators, and the community to demonstrate the example of leadership they want our students to emulate. It’s critical that this Superintendent is not weighed down by the current or past discord. The success of the next Superintendent directly impacts the success of our students and our city, and to give him or her the best chance to thrive will require strong and unanimous support from the entire community of people who care about the children of EBR. 

Let’s demonstrate the best of who we are as a city. In our worst moments of natural disaster, Baton Rouge’s generosity of spirit finds a way to surface and bring us together. In this critical moment, with our children’s and city’s future at stake, let’s rise above our differences, and issue unified support for the person who emerges tomorrow night with the title of EBR Superintendent.

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